Handgun杂志评测四种Browning Hi-Power的克隆。附带一个滑稽故事。一个退役的特种兵上校,终生喜爱勃大力,直到离婚

Retired and former Special Forces Colonel Bill Aldridge working the Delta in Vietnam on an airboat with his trusty Hi-Power.

In this modern age of plastic pistols small enough to cram in your pocket, many question whether the Hi-Power is, or ever truly was, a premier fighting pistol. My former company commander never doubted it. When he arrived in Vietnam as a special forces officer, he purchased the Hi-Power he’s wearing in the photo from another special forces solider who was headed home.

Why? He was assigned to patrol the Delta in an airboat and wanted the extra firepower in case he got an airboat shot out from under him. It also shared ammo with the Swedish K machinegun he often carried while there as well. (So much for ideal American small arms for war.) He said the Hi-Power was his constant companion on the boat when checking the wire at night, while on patrol, and during airmobile operations. He said it was never out of reach.

My friend, now a retired colonel, passed his Hi-Power along to another incoming Green Beret — again for $100 — the day before he left for home. When he got home, he became a city police officer. And guess what? His off-duty gun was a Hi-Power. He had the magazine disconnect removed, had the trigger worked, and had the feed ramp polished. It served him on his off-duty hours for six years until he lost it in a divorce, which has been the death of many good gun relationships.


网上对Girsan MC P35的评价一直都很好。Magazine Disconnect Safety 也很容易拆掉。
这个评测者的三支 Springfield SA 35都很可靠。网上对SA 35 有一些意见,希望Springfield已经改进了质量。
“Springfield claims the SA-35 is American-made, and technically it is. However, the slide and frame are imported from Turkey, 80 percent complete. ”
我对Canik Rival 很有兴趣,对Girsan MC P35也能接受。