Thermal Camera Used as Scope

FYI. This is an option to equip with thermal camera and used it occationally as a thermal scope. Cost is around $400.

The rail mount is available here:

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The articulating bracket does not exude confidence it will hold zero. If the T2 Pro thermal sensor bracket moves, your zero will shift. Also, the phone holder is only held in place with a single screw and friction. It is too easy for the entire phone holder to spin resulting in a loss of zero. This is why I think the adjustable reticle is basically useless.

That is why there is a customzed rail mount available in the market. The original reviwer was not aware of the rail mount that is to be sold separately.

很多年前我试过在C&R老枪上不钻孔装镜子。归零是大问题。小心点几个MOA可以做到(??),但是可靠度很低。有经验的枪友提醒我这是mission impossible,自己想想也就放弃了。



也很有神经,觉着是funny setup :face_with_hand_over_mouth: