Geissele 扳机促销,最便宜的Two-Stage降到110美元。

Geissele 2 Stage (G2S) Trigger $110

Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced (SSA-E™) Trigger $160


Two stage triggers made by Geissele are almost universally used by the special forces community with the Super Select-Fire SOPMOD trigger being officially adopted by such groups in the early 2000’s.
Geissele’s Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) trigger is the closest commercially available equivalent to the SSF trigger.

已经有了LaRue Two Stage Trigger. 非常喜欢 Two Stage的手感。如果配合合适的子弹,用几支Upper都可以在五十码距离上轻松做到五发组Sub-MOA。

Geissele 非常有名,所以也在考虑Geissele的Two Stage 扳机。不知道110美元和160美元的扳机,在我的手中,有没有差别?

SSA-E 在PSA才卖$149

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